Get ready for the trekking adventure of a lifetime through the Accursed Mountain Range with our Peaks of the Balkans self-guided tour. This unique and vastly untouched trek will take you through the border region joining Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo. The trek’s unmatched beauty, undiscovered rawness and welcoming locals will leave you returning home feeling awe-inspired, refreshed and fulfilled.

This hike previously won the World Travel & Tourism Award and is one of the most beautiful hiking trails in the world. Also, this route is a UNESCO World Heritage Site . Unesco states the region is “incomparable, unique and of great importance to the whole world.”

We understand that not everyone wants to hike a guided tour with a group, so we created the self-guided tour specifically for those who want to hike on their own, but have everything else organized for them. You came to hike, let our team handle the logistics.


The self-guided tour starts in Plav and follows a 7-day customized route created to give you the absolute best of the Peaks of the Balkans. Keep in mind, number of days and starting location can all be tailored to your preferences, but our route has specifically been created for the best experience.

Peaks of the Balkans Self-Guided Tour Map
Trail Map

What’s included

  • 8 – nights accommodation in shared rooms
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Transfers
  • GPS files for navigation
  • Day by day trail description
  • Preparation guide
  • Paper map

How much is it?

  • €650 all inclusive


We are local. This is our home trail. We have spent years exploring, growing relationships and customizing our specialized route. You will stay at the best guest houses on the trail and hike all the highlights. Our mission is to empower you to have the best experience possible while conquering the trail on your own.

AM I Fit to hike?

This tour is fit for everyone in good basic condition. The days are demanding so a good mindset is key! Luggage transport can be arranged for those looking make the hike less challenging. Also, private rooms can be requested.

How to book?

Fill out your contact information, tell us a little bit about yourselves and what adventure you are looking forward to! Feel free to ask any questions and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Want to see the beauty of the Accursed Mountains and experience the trill of off-roading? Join us for the off-road jeep adventure! This adventure takes as far as possible into the Accursed Mountain Range by jeep. We spend day the soaking in the sights and stopping at key locations like Lake Hrid and Bogicevica.

How much is it?

  • The off-road jeep adventure is €50 for the first person and €25 for each additional person.

whats included

  • Off-road jeep ride
  • Tour Guide

how long is the tour?

  • 5 hours

Why take this tour?

  • The off-road jeep adventure is special because it gives you the amazing opportunity to see many of the sights in the Accursed Mountain Range in one day.

Book your off-road jeep adventure below!

Fill out your contact information. Tell us a little bit about yourselves and when you want to go on the off-road jeep adventure!


Want to enjoy the beauty of the Accursed Mountains from horseback? Join us on our horseback riding adventure! This adventure offers a whole new experience in the Accursed Mountain Range. For centuries, these mountains were traversed on horseback. Shepherds and their families would spend their summers in the mountains herding sheep and going to and from on the back of their trusty steed. Today, we pay homage to those who came before us with our horseback riding adventure.


This horseback riding tour will be an all day event. We will start with a short jeep ride up into the mountains to meet the horses. After getting familiar with the animals we will hit the trail. This trail will take you through some of the best riding that the region has to offer, which just happen to be the same trails used to ride on for centuries. The highlight of this adventure is connecting with your horse and the nature around you.

Riding through the mountains on horseback is a completely different experience that will leave you feeling refreshed. Half way through the day we will stop for lunch and give the horses a rest. After this we will slowly make our way back to the jeep.


  • This adventure is €100 with lunch included.

Can I Ride?

  • Riding experience is helpful, but not necessary. We will stick to trails that align with the groups experience level.
  • Must be under 113kg (250 lbs.) in weight to ride.


  • 5 hours

WHat about the horses?

  • We use local horses that have experience being ridden in the mountains. Not only is this great for us, but it also helps support the local population.


Fill out your contact information below. Tell us a little bit about yourselves/group and when you want to join up for the horseback riding adventure!


This adventure is all about you! We bring out everything our home of Plav and Gusinje have to offer. This region of Montenegro is home to countless natural wonders that are bound to leave you in awe. You tell us how long you plan to visit and we will customize the ultimate adventure highlighting all the must do activities for you and your group. Some things are best left to the experts :).



Luckily, there is no shortage of adventure activities in our home of Plav and Gusinje. Here are a just a few to choose from.

  • Talijanka Hike
  • Lake Hrid
  • Tromeda Hike
  • Eye of the Grasshopper
  • Bogicevica
  • Kayaking from Gusinje to Plav Lake
  • Horseback Riding
  • Ropojana Valley
  • Grlja Waterfall

With Balkan Mountain Adventure Company you are in for the adventure of a lifetime. We exist to give you the ultimate experience in our home. We look forward to seeing you!


Fill out your contact information below. Tell us a little bit about yourselves/group, when you plan on visiting, for how long and what adventures you are looking forward to.


Join us for a back country skiing adventure in Montenegro! Filled with fresh powder and breathtaking backdrops, this tour is one for the books! The Accursed Mountain Range offers terrain for every riding style. We specialize in one day and multi-day tours customized to your preferences and skill level.


The backcountry ski scene in Bogicevica, Montenegro is new and steadily growing due to local legends blazing the trail at the Bogicevica Ski Club. This terrain is a well kept secret in Europe that is being explored by those seeking true adventure.

This tour is about embracing the spirit of skiing and riding amazing lines in our beautiful backyard playground. With the opportunity to cross into Albania and Kosovo, this cross border ski tour is one of a kind.

how much is it?

These adventures are highly customized so price will depend on the amount of days you want to ski, where you want to ski, how many people are in your group and what gear you need to rent. Fill out the contact form below for a quote.

Why ski with us?

We are powder hounds who embody the spirit of backcountry skiing. Our winters are spent studying the terrain and finding the best lines. We have a burning passion to share this joy with other riders like us.

What about saftey?

Your safety is our highest concern. We take conditions into consideration on a daily basis and only ride where our experienced guides deem safe. Avalanche gear including ABS backpack, beacon, shovel and probe are required. Rental options are available.

Can I ride?

If you have skiing/ snowboarding experience and are in good basic condition, yes! Unfortunately, the backcountry is not a place to learn to ride, so for your safety, experience is required.

How to book?

Fill out your contact information below, tell us a little bit about yourselves and the skiing adventure you would like to take!