Join us for the trekking adventure of a lifetime through the Accursed Mountain Range. This unique and vastly untouched trek will take you through the border region joining Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo. The trek’s unmatched beauty, undiscovered rawness and welcoming locals will leave you returning home feeling awe-inspired, refreshed and fulfilled.

This hike previously won the World Travel & Tourism Award and is one of the most beautiful hiking trails in the world. Also, this route is a UNESCO World Heritage Site . Unesco states the region is “incomparable, unique and of great importance to the whole world.”

Itinerary – click for details

Podgorica – Plav

Grebaje – Talijanka

Vusanje – Theth

Theth – Valbona

Cerem – Doberdol

Doberdol – Gjeravica

Doberdol – Babino Polje

Babino Polje, Lake Hrid – Plav

Day 9: Transfer back to Podgorica for flight home.


  • Accommodation in authentic Montenegrin and Albanian guest houses
    • Where we stay is what makes this tour special. We have built amazing relationships with the locals on the trail who essentially welcome you into their home. They treat you like family and serve you portions of food and drink that only your grandmother could. Not only are these experiences great for the group, but we also help support the local population.
    • Rooms are shared, but private rooms can be requested for an additional cost.
  • All international transfers and border permits
    • This is a border crossing trek and we take care of all processes to grant you permission to cross.
  • Local Guide
    • Emir is a guide with a great passion and knowledge of the Accursed Mountain Range. He speaks fluent English, Serbo-Croatian and broken Spanish ;).
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided days 2-8
    • Meals on the trail will be traditional local cuisine. Expect a lot of fresh meats, potatoes, cheeses and vegetable stews for dinner. Lunch is typically sandwiches, snacks and fruit. For breakfast you can expect traditional fried dough or crepes served with cheese, jam, eggs and fresh tomatoes.
    • Please make any dietary restrictions known and we will gladly cater to you.
    • Days 1 and 9 are arrival and departure days. Only dinner will be served on day 1 and breakfast on day 9.
  • Baggage Transfers on request
    • Trekking is much easier with no weight on your back. If would like to take a load off, we provide baggage transfers by horseback for an additional cost.


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The dates listed below are for open groups. Additional dates can be requested for private groups.

  • June 17th – 25th
  • July 1st – 9th, 22nd – 30th
  • August 5th -13th, 19th – 27th
  • September 2nd – 10th, 23rd – 1st
  • October 7th – 15th

How much is it?

  • €900 All inclusive

How big is the group?

  • Average of 6 members


We are local. This is our home trail. We have spent countless days exploring and customizing the perfect specialized route. Our relationships with the locals offers a personal touch that others cannot provide. Our mission is to give you the adventure of a lifetime filled with new experiences and connections.


This tour is fit for everyone in good basic condition. The days are demanding so a good mindset is key!


Fill out your contact information, tell us a little bit about yourselves and what adventure you are looking forward to! Feel free to ask any questions and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.